Alium Adaptive Apparel Research Efforts

Photo by peshkov/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by peshkov/iStock / Getty Images

Finding Solutions to Dressing Seniors in Care Settings

The folks at Alium Adaptive Apparel have been hard at work collecting data to inform their product designs.  We have uncovered numerous hurdles that professionals and family members alike face when dressing seniors. Over the last year Alium interviewed over one hundred caregivers from many different caregiver settings including:

  • Geriatric Doctors and Nurses
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Home Care Providers
  • Nursing Home Administrators
  • Hospice Staff
  • In-Home Aides 
  • Prosthetic Makers
  • Professionals with the Alzheimer's and Parkinson's Associations
  • Individuals facing various ailments including injury, joint replacment, and Parkinson's
  • Family Caregivers

Much was learned from these candid conversations about how caregivers currently utilize "regular" clothing for the people in their care. Most shared stories about when "normal" clothing was difficult and hindered their abilities to give the best care.  Some of the feedback we heard was that off-the-rack clothing is problematic when caring for persons with catheters, that the loss of shoulder mobility can make donning over-the-head shirts difficult, and that bedsores caused by clothing can be life threatening.  Armed with the data gathered through conversations, we set out to design and build the best apparel for those in need of additional care.

Do you have any stories about when off-the-rack clothing failed you and the person in your care?  Please share below!

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