A Better Hospital Gown
Angry Man in Ugly Hospital Gown

So you've been admitted to the hospital for and upon entry are given the standard hospital gown.  It's made of flimsy cotton or cotton/poly blend.  It has a faded sail boat print only suitable for 4-year-old boys.  It has annoying ties scattered in strange places that never seem to match. But worst of all.....

Nude Butt in Hospital Gown

This is how you look from the rear. Oh!  The Humanity!  Alium Adaptive Apparel thinks that this discomfort and humiliation does not need to be suffered when you are going through a challenging medical time.  Our solution?

Better Hospital Gown
Better Hospital Gown
Better Hospital Gown

A Hospital Gown with Dignity

Alium Adaptive Apparel designed this gown to be used when full medical access is needed, but full dignity is required. First and foremost, it has a full back panel that eliminates accidental moonings. The full back panel also is more comfortable to sleep on because it doesn't have knots holding panels together that press into your spine or hips. The flat seams at the shoulders minimize skin abrasion and the potential for pressure ulcers to develop on the shoulders following prolonged periods in bed. And this gown utilizes a special textile that holds the front panel to the back panel along the upper and lower arms, and down the sides to the hem. It is a specialize hook & loop product that feels just like a soft knit fabric but when matched to its counterpart, gently holds the garment closed. While the bond of the two fabrics is gentle and quiet, it has been designed to hang together while tossing and turning during sleep.  And the rayon spandex blend makes it soft and luxurious to wear.

Bring this gown for your stay in the hospital and be in control of your own comfort.